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Ready to step up your canyoneering and outdoor game and improve your current skill set?

Video Consultation might be the answer to the hard to schedule courses

With the technology of today, why not take advantage of all the possibilities we have out there. Set up a private video consultation and we can help answer and demonstrate many techniques and discuss the Canyoneering (and Outdoor) specific topics that may help you be a better and safer adventurer.

Are you game to step up your Canyoneering adventures? ...

zoom consultation

zoom consultation

zoom consultation

consultation pricing information

Online Consultations are an easy way to get help with different rigging scenarios, use of equipment, and asking questions about various subjects.
Pricing is set up so that if desired we can make it a quick concise session or a long session, but you won't be paying more than you would for an in person private class. With this alsoe, we can also split up time slots and do it over several days if desired.

Simple Pricing Tiers for Single Occupancy:
30 min: $40.00
60 min: $65.00
5-8 hrs: $300.00

For multiple participants:
30 min: $20 Each Additional
60 min: $40 Each Additional
5-8 hrs: $200 Each Additional
**I know this is hard to enforce as you could have people sitting off camera listening and watching the screen without my knowledge, if this gets abused then we may have to discontinue this practice or increase rates. Please use the honor system to prevent this opportunity being taken away from others**

**Video Consultations will be recorded and may be used later for other training and promotional objectives**

Once registered with us through e-mail, you will recieve information on the consultation and video chat. You will need to have access to an electronic device that can operate Zoom Video conference tools. You will need to have a webcam and microphone operations for the consultation. You will want to be in a location with minimal distractions (pets, kids, TV, Street Noise etc.) If discussing techniques and rigging, it could be helpful to have gear with you so that you can follow a long. If discussing equipment having your setup and gear on hand to show is a plus. Please come ready with the questions you would like answered and discussed and have these pre-determined through the e-mails and registration process so we can be prepared to jump in and not waste your time figuring out what to talk about.

For more information regarding training courses and to see other ways to help you prepare for your course - Check out or Courses FAQ page.

An Online Video Consultation might just be calling your name. We believe in you ...