South Maidenwater Canyon Canyoneering Hike

South Fork of Maidenwater Canyon is an intense, physical hiking slot canyon.

Full Day south fork maidenwater Canyon Canyoneering Experience

This is an Intermediate Canyon Trip with several rappels, potholes, partner assists, possible swims and a lot of squeezing, stemming, and pushing our bodies through some tight narrow spots in the canyon. It is amazingly fun and physical and well worth the effort to get through, but certainly not for the faint at heart. Your physical ability has to be up to the challenge to see the scenery in this canyon. A gorgeous sculpted labrynth of carved out canyon awaits those willing to put up the physical work.

The South Fork of Maidenwater Canyon is not a canyon for everyone, but those who leave fear at the door ...

Looking into the Slot Canyon Utah

Spanning the canyon with a leg stem in Utah

'On Rappel' Slot Canyon Utah

Full Body Stem in a slot Canyon in Utah

Awkward Rappel Start in Slot Canyon

Even Dressins like a Circus Clown you look cool in a Slot Canyon

Tighter body ball squeeze stem in the Slot Canyon

Relaxed Natural Stem in the Slot Canyon

Trip information

$220 for Single / $195 pp. for 2 / $165 pp. 3 - 5 / $130 pp. 6 - 10

Trip duration is approx. 8 hours.

Distance = 3.8 miles - Elevation gain/loss = 1125ft.

Trips meets and leaves from our office in Blanding Utah at 7:00 a.m. We can arrange to meet you at the trail head area in the North Wash, our meet time out there will be approx. 9:00 a.m.

Please plan to wear good comfortable footwear and clothing that can get beat up. We provide all the necessary technical rope gear, harness, helmets and rappel devices needed.

For more information regarding guided trips and to see other ways to help you prepare for your trip. Check out or Trip FAQ page.

Due to the direction of lie this canyon has to the environment, it is not recommended during the hottest months of the year (mid June - mid August).

To Infinity and beyo.. Wait, this is The South Fork of Maidenwater Canyon it's a blast, you know you want to ...