7 Kivas Ruin Hike

A unique site that makes you question why?

Full Day 7 Kivas Ruin hike

Looking for a hike and visit to some out of the way places. The Seven Kiva's ruins are one of the stranger sites located within the Bears Ears National Monument. Taking a good part of the day this hike will get you up close and personal with some seldom visited locations where the early residents of the area lived. See why and how they lived when conditions were not so optimal. This site will also start you questioning more as to the cause and reasoning why they left the area in the first place.

Yup, this is it. The only place to see 7 Kiva's Ruins in one place and it can be yours simply by clicking on ...

7 Kivas Canyon area in Bears Ears Monument Utah

7 Kiva's Ruins site Bears Ears Monument Utah

7 Kiva's Ruins Bears Ears Monument Utah

Canyon hike into 7 Kiva's Ruins Bears Ears Monument Utah

Kiva's in Bears Ears Monument Canyon Utah

Kiva Ruin in Bears Ears Monument Utah

Kiva sites in Bears Ears Monument Utah

Ruin in a Canyon in Bears Ears National Monument Utah

Trip information

$200 for single / $165 pp. for 2 / $120 pp. 3 - 10

Trip duration is approx. 7 hours.

Trips meets and leaves from our office in Blanding Utah at 8:00 a.m.

Please plan to wear good comfortable footwear and clothing for the hike.

For more information regarding guided trips and to see other ways to help you prepare for your trip. Check out or Trip FAQ page.

More of a mystery location and wonder is the 7 Kiva's Ruins, but you'll never know that unless you ...