Private Training Courses

Looking to jump start your Canyoneering Training? We can work with you to arrange a course outside of our regular schedule.

Private Canyoneering Courses on a flexible schedule

Any of our world class Canyoneering Skills courses can be offered on an as requested basis.  After years of being asked to accomodate courses at different times we opened up a program to allow students to create their own groups and time lines to accomplish their canyoneering training when our pre-scheduled courses won't fit in with time away from life.  Check out our Technical, Advanced, and Rescue Course pages for descriptions on the courses themselves.  Each of these can be offered on a moderately flexible basis depending on date availability.  We have even created a compressed course system for the Technical Course that for 3 or less participants, we can get it done in a 2 day time frame.

Rappelling Training during the Technical Canyoneering Course

Locking off on Rappel during the Technical Canyoneering Course

Ascending practice during Technical Canyoneering Course

Hiking into our Training Canyon during the Technical Canyoneering Course

In Canyon Practice during Technical Canyoneering Course

Rappelling into Pothole during Technical Canyoneering Course

Coming off the BIG rappel during the Technical Canyoneering Course

Stemming the Canyon wall during the Technical Canyoneering Course


We can do the private courses for 1 participant or 10 participants.  It's up to how you want to structure the group for the best learning environment..

Course Cost is $300 per person for the 1st day, $225.00 per person for each subsequent day for up to three participants
For 4+ participants we can set up and do the course on your schedule at the regular course pricing listed on the individual course pages.

Please plan to wear good comfortable footwear and clothing that can get beat up. We encourage students to have the proper personal gear necessary to decend a technical canyon. This encourages the student to learn to use the equipment they have, however we can provide all the necessary technical rope gear, harness, helmets and rappel devices to help the student complete the courses. We do offer a discount on gear in our store to students on site.

For more information regarding training courses and to see other ways to help you prepare for your course - Check out or Courses FAQ page.

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