Monarch Cave Hike

Monarch Cave offers a glimpse into the past of where nomads once rested for a period of time

Half Day monarch cave hiking exploration hike

This spectacular hike into some mildly great preserved ruins located within the Bears Ears National Monument. This monument was designated to showcase these amazing sites and protect the ruins from further becoming damaged. By taking guide led trips, we are able to discuss the amazing surroundings, sites, locations and explain how protection of these ancient locations can continue as they have done so for thousands of years. Taking only 3-4 hours this hike is a good break for a day where not a lot of energy use is desired. While there are a few steep sections in the hike, it is great for families and those looking to spend a few hours seeing some off the path locations.

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Monarch Cave Ruins Utah

Native Artifacts Bears Ears National Monument Utah

Monarch Cave Ruins Bears Ears National Monument Utah

Handprints Monarch Cave Bears Ears National Monument Utah

Grinding stones inside ruins in Bears Ears National Monument Utah

Ruins in Bears Ears National Monument Utah

Monarch Cave Ruin Bears Ears Monument Utah

Monarch Ruins Bears Ears National Monument Utah

Trip information

$150 for single / $125 pp. for 2 / $105 pp. 3 - 5 / $85 pp. 6 - 10

Trip duration is approx. 4 hours.

Trips meets and leaves from our office in Blanding Utah at 8:00 a.m.

Please plan to wear good comfortable footwear and clothing for the hike.

For more information regarding guided trips and to see other ways to help you prepare for your trip. Check out or Trip FAQ page.

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