Double Dipper / Twinkle Twinkle Canyon Combo Canyoneering Hike

A great canyon with an amazing rappel.

Double Dipper and Twinkle Twinkle Canyons Canyoneering Experience

The Double Dipper and Twinkle Twinkle combinations are a good introduction to the worl of canyoneering while not venturing too far off the path. This canyon expeirence will give you a good idea of what a slot canyon and Canyoneering is all about. We have a very short approach and exit hike and we experience all the fun of the sport in a short amount of time. We have rappelling, stemming, climbing, and getting really wet all involved. But don't be fooled, this is a Slot Canyon trip, it gets narrow and physical and you will need to put in some work once in the canyon to get your body through some of the narrow sections. This canyon combo is one of the more physical trips we do and it's surprising that it is just over a 1/2 a day hike to work you that hard.

The Double Dipper and Twinkle Twinkle Canyon Combo is a fun jaunt through unique canyons if you ...

First drop into Double Dipper Canyon

Hiking into Double Dipper Canyon

Double Dipper canyon has some fun climbs

Twinkle Twinkle Canyon in Utah

Scenery on the entrance hike into Double Dipper Canyon in Utah

Short Rappel in Double Dipper Canyon

A short slide into the water in Double Dipper Canyon

Twinkle Twinkle canyon entrance

Trip information

$150 for single / $135 pp. 2 -3 / $115 pp. 4 - 10

Trip duration is approx. 5 hours.

Trips meets and leaves from our office in Blanding Utah at 8:00 a.m. We can arrange to meet you near the trail head in the town of Bluff, our meet time out there will be approx. 8:30 a.m.
During the longer summer days, this trip may also be done as an afternoon trip leaving our office at around 1:00 p.m.

Please plan to wear good comfortable footwear and clothing that can get beat up. We provide all the necessary technical rope gear, harness, helmets and rappel devices needed.

For more information regarding guided trips and to see other ways to help you prepare for your trip. Check out or Trip FAQ page.

Only way to experience one of the most amazing rappels in Double Dipper and Twinkle Twinkle Combo is to ...