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North Wash Outfitters

North Wash Outfitters was established in 2005 to offer others the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors in the Four Corners region. We have spent many hours in and around the canyons and mesa's that are now in the newly established Bears Ears National Monument.
Jared Hillhouse was working for world renowned Climbing, Rigging, and Canyoneering guru Dave Black (Author: "Canyoneering - Techniques for Wet and Dry Canyons) guiding at-risk youth. After Dave's Federal Program was cut in the spring of 2005 Jared and his wife Amanda opened North Wash Outfitters that Fall.
Originating in Bluff, Utah, North Wash Outfitters eventually moved locations to Blanding in 2009. This created more opportunities to gain access to the canyons and back country they loved quicker. The company has guided clients from all over the world and during their visits to the area, has been lucky to share the vast expanses of canyons and ancient history of the region.
While Jared works with the clients, Amanda hangs out in the back ground telling him what to do and how to do it for everything to run smoothly. Give North Wash Outfitters a try, you won't be sorry you booked a trip with us!

Our Canyonering guides are trained and certified to assist you with the knowledge and confidence to take you Canyoneering and hiking in these remote area's. These places will quickly become the highlight of your vacation to the beautiful Four Corners region and Bears Ears National Monument.

Meet Our Team

jared hillhouse

Jared "Canyon Bug" Hillhouse - Certified Pro Guide and ACA Instructor

Jared has been guiding and instructing for over a decade. A certified Canyoneering Guide and Instructor, Jared delights in introducing newcomers to the sport and to this canyon country. Jared loves the expressions that clients have when they accomplish the task for the first time. Jared is the ropes team Commander for the San Juan County Utah Sheriff's Search and Rescue team as well as working full-time for the city of Blanding as a police officer. His interests include boating, hiking, camping, fishing, video editing and production and spending time with his family.

brett saunders

Brett "Rock Ninja" Saunders - Technical Canyoneering Guide / Photographer

Brett has spent his life in the outdoors in one form or another. He grew up in southern Idaho and has lived in Texas and Alaska working and exploring. Brett has made the Four Corners area his home with his family. Brett loves four wheeling / Rock Crawling, hiking and being a Canyon Junkie. When Brett is not able to get into a canyon you can find him under the hood of a car or working to get his Arial Photography company (Twisted Arch Productions) moving forward. Brett is also a member of the San Juan County Utah Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team.

Jeff Tucker

Technical Canyoneering Guide

Jeff is an avid outdoorsman that loves getting out and exploring the canyons with his wife. Jeff has been exploring the wilds of southern Utah for many years and has been heavily involved in leading youth groups to many of these destinations. Jeff decided that it was time to get offical training and after spending time with Jared in his training courses, he knew he wanted more involvement. When an opportunity opened up for Jeff to jump on board, there was no hesitation. Jeff's other passions include waterfowl hunting, horseback riding, camping, fly fishing and hanging with his family.

tammy tucker

Tammy "Desert Dove"Tucker - Assistant Canyoneering Guide

Tammy is a full-time nurse in Moab Utah and spends her spare time caring for her horses and diving into canyons all over the Colorado Plateau. She was raised on a ranch near Delta, Utah. She is married to Jeff Tucker, a perfect match in their love for the outdoors. Camping, hiking, canyoneering, rappelling, horseback riding, you name it, she does it. Tammy started sharing her love of the outdoors with her kids since they were small and is now working on her grandchildren.

Jeff Hillhouse

Apprentice Technical Guide / Photographer

Jeff has spent much of his life in the outdoors. As a young child he was always out camping with family, scouts, friends, and now his own family. He loves backpacking, four wheeling, dirtbike trail riding and boating. Jeff is always jonesing for an excuse to get out of the house to go play. Now dragging his young boys out with him, he has been excited to pass on his love of the outdoors to them. Jeff always has a camera in tow with him and has taken some amazing photos throughout his adventures.

Amanda Hillhouse

Administrative Assistant / Designer / Advertising

A silent partner in the company, Amanda works in the office, specializing in the advertising, marketing, design work and Social Media. Amanda has a Master' of the Fine Arts degree and uses those skills when Jared comes to her with crazy design ideas. She has the final say on video production as well as digital and print materials. She too loves the outdoors. Camping, hiking. and especially fishing. Amanda teaches at the satelite campus of Utah State University as well as tend to three girls. She is the back bone of the company.


"...Jared, the main instructor and owner, is, from what I could discern, one of tenish of the top names in the canyoneering community. To no surprise, he’s a stud, and you are in good hands. He carefully disseminated information so that you aren't quite drinking from a fire hose, but assuredly you will push your risk fuzzy factor a time or two. Since this is a prereq of canyoneering, his presence assures you it will at least be under the prescriptive eye of a respected expert..."
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"Went with a couple friends knowing nothing. Walked out with the knowledge I needed to get started. First canyoneering season was a success for me and could not have done it without the help of North Wash Outfitters."
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"What an awesome experience! My husband arranged for a private lesson with Brett as our guide. My husband has done everything you can imagine but I am a suburban housewife with kids. In fact, the day before we went, I was saying "No, I don't want to do this!" Brett talked to us and reassured me on the drive down..."
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"Our first time and hopefully not last day Canyoneering in Leprechaun Canyon. We were in very good hands all day, felt safe yet were made to think about how to overcome obstacles rather than just be told what to do. I would wholeheartedly recommend North Wash Outfitters to anyone, a fantastic outfit who cared about us as a group and..."
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"Jared is a seasoned search and rescue team member and did most of the teaching. He was assisted by his two guides Brett and Aaron. They kept it light and fun but were serious about safety. Great conceptual classroom learning helped take away some of the nerves when you get out into the canyon. Definitely a learned a lot which..."
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"NWO's Technical Canyoneering Course went above and beyond my expectations. At three instructors for five students, the level of instruction was terrific. We covered and then field-tested a wide range of canyoneering techniques, and I feel well-prepared to descend canyons up to 3B ratings now. Hats off to Jared and his crew!"
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